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28 Aug

Close brush with the red planet

Did you get swept up in the excitement of Mars hurtling past us, a terrifyingly close 55.7 million kilometers away? I mean, all the papers say this is THE closest Mars has been since man was bashing open the brains of animals for food on the African savanah! We certainly left no record in caves […]

25 Aug

A spring breeze in Sydney

Howling gales and harsh sun welcomed in spring in Sydney this weekend. Actually, the winds seem to welcome it in every year I’ve lived here! Some people associate spring with warmer temperatures, an end to the cold winds, pleasant nights and flowers. But spring in Sydney is nearly always heralded by strong winds. The winds […]

22 Aug

Oh no! Ozone!

Once again, the scientists predict a bumper year for the hole in the ozone layer… But, for the last 3 years, it has actually shrunk a little. Strangely enough, it was also starting earlier and earlier – used to be October, then September and this year, late August… Having given the odd talk or two […]

20 Aug

Time tangles

For lunch today, I had a cup of dehydrated noodles. It was lucky I ate them when I did – they were set to expire in 42 minutes time! I can’t believe I cut it so fine to eat something out of my cupboard! The mind boggles at how bad the noodles are likely to […]

18 Aug

The red eye of rage

What’s going on here??? I am not a believer of astrologers or anything, but as well all know from the press of late, Mars is going to be at its closest approach in 60,000 years on August 27. Mars, to the astrologers is the planet of war and aggression – time to watch yourself! And […]

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