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28 Sep

Follow up hot chocolate

Like a dog with a bone, I had to go back and feed by addiction… I find now that I can no longer do my weekend 20km jaunt to just anywhere – I have to swing through Paddington and return for another hot chocolate at the Hot Gossip cafe. The entrance to the cafe is […]

24 Sep

Red and white skies

Once again, Australia bleeds red – red from the wrath of Qantas… Of course Qantas welcomes the new ruling that allows a partial “open skies” agreement yesterday that will let carriers from both Australia and Singapore fly into and out of any Australian destination without restriction. Because this came at the expense of letting Singapore […]

22 Sep

Best hot chocolate in Sydney!

Well… It stands to reason as I am in my final weeks here, I find the most DIVINE hot chocolate! However, not being one to hide such a treasure behind a bushell, everyone who loves hot chocolate more than coffee should head to HOT GOSSIP at 438 Oxford Street, Paddington – near Centennial Park! This […]

16 Sep

Give our PM the boot – but how???

It must be said, the state of Australian politics is abysmal right now. We have a little Hitler leading this country and his opposition is lead by the most uncharasmatic man ever recorded in Australian history. So our little Hitler has no qualms about throwing his weight around because whose out there to oppose him? […]

12 Sep

9/11 – 2 years on

Two years ago, 4 planes crashed into various American landmarks with catostrophic and devastating results. Two years on… Terrorism seems to be alive and well. I, for one, absolutely can not understand the logic behind terrorist attacks! Killing innocent people hardly opens up a dialog for negotiation. Furthermore, I really don’t understand why the extremists […]

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