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23 Oct

Finally joined a protest against Bush!

Yay! Finally got to participate in a protest against President Bush! In a fleeting 21 hour stopover, Canberra shut down for the day (“Security reasons”) and people all over Australia gathered to protest anyway. Somehow, during the whole Iraq invasion thing, Howard and the press missed the fact a lot of Australian’s did not support […]

21 Oct

Sydney bus drivers…

The personality of bus drivers in Sydney can be quite interesting… For the most part, they are split between overly polite and caustic. The overly polite ones are painful because they inch forward, terrified that anyone within 100m moving towards the bus might want to get on – so they drive with their foot on […]

11 Oct

Rugby World Cup – A damp squib?!

Me, I am not a rugby fan. It is utterly beyond me to expound upon Rugby Union and Rugby League. I wouldn’t know what the differences between the two are. I did learn last night that the Rugby World Cup currently being held in Sydney is Rugby Union. Yay. Who cares?! I’m sure there a […]

06 Oct

From thermal power to petrol chrisis

Ut has to be said, we felt bolshie again after the dolphun swum… The only ‘sight’ we hadn’t been able to cram unto our 3 day whirlwind tour of the NE South Island was Hamner Springs – the ‘happening action’ place about 100km NW of Christchurch. Uf you wanted to experience the New Zealand thrull […]

06 Oct

A swum with dolphuns in swilly conditions

After an early morning rise, my suster and I left Pucton as the sun beamed down on us out of the northeastern deep blue skies. Not a cloud to be seen. Thus was good news for my suster – today she was to venture unto the chilly waters off the NZ coast for a frolic […]

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