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30 Dec

A seal of a day…

Morning at Cuverville Island. Grey and overcast¬† but windless, and once again, the ship had anchored at the back side of the island, which meant bit of a hike to shore. However, it was nice to find myself driving today. So, weary of yesterday’s debacle and my ‘tardy’ appearance at 8.06am,¬† I was on deck […]

30 Dec

Half Moon Island, Deception Island

Well… A standard day in the South Shetland Islands really… Day didn’t dawn – it just went from dim grey to light grey, Olle decided at 8am that I should drive in the safety zodiac – and then nearly had a heart attack when I didn’t get down to the deck until 8.06am (I was […]

28 Dec

Bermuda Triangle then emerging at King George Is

Apart from the odd ghostly iceberg, we were in dead calm conditions and dense fog… The odd iceberg would appear just off the sides of the ship before disappearing again. Somewhere out there, were the rising islands of the South Shetland Islands, but darned if we could see them today! I slept a large chunk […]

27 Dec

Drake Lake

Calm conditions. There was barely any motion as the ship sailed under blue skies and the sea was so flat if you had placed a spirit level on it, the bubble would have been right in the middle… Apparently the low had disintegrated into 2 weaker systems during the night then more or less vanished… […]

27 Dec

Horse riding in Ushuaia, Argentina

It was a tired and quiet group that gathered for the horse-riding the AEL had organised at the suggestion of the two Canberra girls several cruises ago. In the end, it was just 2 staff members ke and myself – the rest having pulled out in favour of sending emails and calling family and friends […]

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