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29 Jan

Four and a half months of hell…

Imagine you are cold. Very cold. And you haven’t really had a decent meal for a year. And then imagine you’ve been drifting at sea for several weeks. Being dry is nothing but a distant memory. Frostbite and hunger are constant companions. And then, land. But you can’t find anywhere sheltered to land. A storm […]

24 Jan

South Georgia: An exciting exit

Our final day in South Georgia was to visit Cooper Bay and Gold Harbour. It was dead calm, although the barometer was showing deadly signs of dropping, so I got a bit excited that I was FINALLY going to get to see the Macaroni at Cooper Bay (the swell has always been bad when attempted […]

23 Jan

South Georgia: The perfect hike on a perfect day

Today could loosly be described as Perfect. The morning landing was at Godthul, nothing special there, except apparently, several herds of reindeer ran over the plateau up above the narrow beach, so many were treated to that. I, however, got to go on the ‘Reindeer hike’ from Godthul to Sandebugten in Cumberland East Bay – […]

22 Jan

South Georgia: Penguins and Albatross

It was a whirlwind 3 days at South Georgia. The ‘nasty’ weather of the South Scotia sea between us and the Falklands, abated as we arrived at Salisbury Plain and we were granted yet another calm grey day, which has typified all my landings there. Grey beach, colourful penguins, lots of territorial fur seals, a […]

20 Jan

Blown away by East Falkland Island

The sun was shining out a pale blue sky as we pulled into Berkley Sound of East Falkland Island and huddled right up near its western most limit, near Long Island. Far from being the bustling metropolis of its reknowned northern counterpart, the area we were heading to, Long Island Farm, had only one house, […]

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