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18 Feb

67 degrees 21 minutes south

Sixty-seven degrees and 21 minutes south. With the unquoted longitude, that puts me just south of Wyatt Island at the northern end of Marguerite Bay in the Antarctic Peninsula. Adelaide Island lies just slightly to the west northwest and broken pack ice and slate grey water surrounds the ship This is the furtherest south I […]

16 Feb

Orca frenzy!

It was day like any other day in the Antarctic Peninsula. Well, OK,maybe slightly worse than any other day, but certainly better than it could be! In other words, Antarctica surrounded us in monochrome glory with dark grey clouds over slate grey waters, whipped by a stiff breeze and blinding white snow peaks soaring up […]

05 Feb

Searching for the lost ark, Take II

Once again, I find myself at West Point Island in the West Falklands. It is a fine buy hazy day, with low clouds scudding over the hill tops before evaporating over the valley’s. The wind is, again, blowing quite strongly, but it is a balmy 13C and feels quite warm with my fleece top flitering […]

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