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30 Mar

Mantitoba: The friendly province – except to Pedestrians!

I have an unexpected stopover for a day in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Hardly my destination of choice, but not going to sit in my hotel room all day! My last experience in Manitoba was being pulled over by a policeman who had blocked the Transcanada by strategically placing himself behind a truck inthe adjacent lane. I […]

20 Mar

Hot chocolate paradise?????

Gawd! There has been a revolution in Vancouver since my last visit, about, oooh, 5 years ago – all the bagel places have vanished! I was sooooo looking forward to a toasted garlic bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese on it… On a more pleasant note though, another, probably more quieter revolution, has been the […]

19 Mar

Jetlagged and in Vancouver

It is bizarre to think it took me as long to fly from Punta Arenas at the southern end of Chile to Vancouver, about half way up North America, as it took for me to fly from Sydney, Australia to Ushuaia at the southern end of Argentina… But it did. I blame the stops! At […]

15 Mar

Chile: THE hike – Valle de Frances

The next day was THE day. THE big hike. Valle de Frances. No famous pictures here, although very scenic in itself, but it was a 6 hour one way hike… We set the alarms and got up 15 minutes before breakfast. Dead quiet. No one was stirring, and this is a refugio, like a youth […]

14 Mar

Chile: Taking it easy around Glacier Grey

The next day, we had to make our way to the other side of the park to Refugio Pehoe. Our original plan had to be to do the 9 hour hike, but we were all quailing at the thought after carrying cameras and lunch up to Las torres theĀ  previous day. And I was beginning […]

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