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27 Apr

Quiet patriotism

A Canadian flag flies above the kitchen tent. To me, this just typifies Canada – a country where everyone is quietly but extremely patriotic. It’s very subtle here, but I have always felt that in a subtle manner, the Canadians would have to be the most patriotic race on the planet. I have never been […]

23 Apr

The end of a career…

*Sigh* For the last 3 weeks I have been enjoying divine like powers here in remote Manitoba, walking at leisure on water. But alas, today I realised this was going to be denied to me now. I went for another stroll out on the frozen lake today to discover that just about all the snow was gone […]

20 Apr

And I thought spring was coming…

It’s not coming folks – its arrived with a vengence! It is absolutely POURING with rain here! Having been the last little refuge for winter for so far into April, while southern Canada is in the throes of blossuming flowers, its almost sad to see the rain come. Because with the rains, the snow disappears, […]

19 Apr

Helicopter rush!

PHHHHHWEEEEEE!!! I just got to spend 30 minutes flying across the Canadian taiga in a Bell 205 ex-Millitary helicopter! “Ask and ye shall receive…” Remember folks – if you don’t ask, you may never get it… I love helicopters! Anyway, we have had the HUGE Bell 205 helicopter flying in and out of our camp […]

17 Apr

Not spring but not winter either…

To get an idea what it is like right now here in remote Central Canada, imagine being somewhere dead flat. But you can’t see the horizon as it is blocked by towering pine trees. Up close, there are naked light brown trees with stringy branches reaching up to the sky. No leaves yet. Adjacent is […]

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