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31 May

Arctic sunrise

It was only a matter of time before I had to do an ‘night shut down’ of a drill rig. Night up here beyond the Arctic circle approaching the summer equinoxe is of course, bit of an oxymoron, but… The alarm went off very unwelcomingly at 1.30am – unwelcoming because I hadn’t been able to […]

25 May

From skidoos to ATV’s…

One month ago I was zooming across a frozen lake in the Canadian taiga of Manitoba. Next month I am bouncing along a frozen road, slowly melting under the 24 hour daylight in the Russian tundra… What a transition! Unlike a skidoo, I had NEVER driven an ATV until today. Yesterday I had never driven […]

22 May

Part V: The final leg – to Kupol

We followed the fork lift and our luggage to an enormous orange Russian style helipcopter (I’ve seen them on the icebreakers I’ve worked on – not like anything in the American movies…). It was choked full with stuff, but undeterred, the Russians began enthusiastically piling all our stuff onto that. I then had to surrender […]

22 May

Part IV: Bilibino transfer

We literally loaded up via the steep steel ramp at the back of the plane. The centre of the plane was filled with our stuff, and a pallet of goodies was at the front of the plane. About 10 Russians joined us then and we all slid along the turquoise fibreglass seats and put on […]

22 May

Part III: The butterfly effect

Magadan, Russia Arriving in Magadan was even more exciting – this was a well used runway and it had even more bumps and cracks to send the plane lurching as it slowed down. Then there was another 5 minute trundle down to presumably quite distant airport. If they weren’t so riddled with cracks and veins […]

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