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27 Jun

Exiting Russia: For real this time!

Again, it was all confusion and ‘hotel arrest’ in the morning. Then it was announced we were flying out. At 6pm. At midnight. At 11am. At 2pm. At 1.30pm. Finally 2pm seemed to be the settled upon time and we went to our rooms to get ready for the 11am bus to the airport. I […]

26 Jun

Exiting Russia: A day in PK

It wasn’t until after 10am before we received confirmation that the plane was not leaving today. We were free to go into town. It took the guys a while to get ready and we ended up hooking up with two Russian exchange students who spoke perfectly good English. Lucky they were with us – if […]

25 Jun

Exiting Russia: Stranded in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka!

Eventually our passports were returned to all but those travelling on one stop tourists visa’s. They got a photocopy. Then we were bustled out past immigration – the expats constantly being sent back to fill out one more piece of paper. We were being passed back into Russia! Then we learned the truth – the […]

25 Jun

Exiting Russia: Magadan to…

The morning was spent more or less trying to get payment for the Moscow’s translators services. Someone had botched up with her pay. The offices were a brisk 10 minutes away near a huge monolithic Russian Orthodox church that was being built. Possibly Magadan would have benefited first from all the buildings being painted and […]

24 Jun

Exiting Russia: Magadan

My only experience of Magadan before had been 15 minutes outside the international terminal before being bundled back inside, 2 doors down, to go into the national terminal. This time I was to overnight there. Our pathetic group of 5 walked into the empty terminal to be greeted by one lone guy who escorted us […]

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