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29 Jul

Camp dogs

Here’ a concept strongly frowned upon in Australia – camp dogs! I LOVE it! When ever I worked in Australia, companies expressly forbid us to take our dogs out in the bush. 60 thousand billion acres of desert and we were not allowed to take our dogs. The reason generally given? “Because station owners put […]

27 Jul

Green vs White vs Mist

Oh er… What to say! It’s been very eventful over the last few days, but hardly the stuff that is topical in this blog! Which leaves me with very little to say other than it’s raining. A lot. Ok, misting. A lot! Last year it was reportedly gorgeous and sunshine and blue skies until the […]

23 Jul

Missing: middle aged Russian women

OK, I am not in the depths of Russian society and this remote bush camp in the beautiful but remote Chukotka area is probably not the best place to people watch. But even in this mircosm, it is noticeable that the women go from stunning (if a little skinny) under-25s to ‘normal’ looking women in […]

21 Jul

Battling the language barrier…

Remember those movies where someone is communicating with someone who is deaf? They tend to be signing away with their hands and saying the words out loud? And how many of you, who have seen real deaf people signing (or hearing people who were just signing because they were in a nightclub or something) noticed […]

16 Jul

A step back in time – and forward in patience…

I’m a pretty modern chicky babe so it came as a real lesson in patience¬†to be assigned¬† an ancient Russian drill rig to supervise. I’m was ‘raised’ on the mobile machines of the Australian outback so found the modern Canadian ones which get dragged around a little odd. But they performed like drill rigs without […]

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