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31 Aug

NE Passage – Hooker Island and Champ Island, Franz Josef Land

It was a ghastly wake up call… A cruise by Rubini Rook on Hooker Island, one of the southern most islands in the Franz Josef Land Archipelago. Normally, this would be the type of thing I would blow off – but I had never seen it, so…. Anyway, the wakeup call comes through at around […]

30 Aug

NE Passage – Arctic Ocean and nuclear reactors

As per usual, I am woken up at 7.30am by the PA crackling with the EL telling us where we are and what we are going to do. After breakfast, I went to Jasofirst talk on polar bears. Then I spent a chunk of the morning doctoring those photos for the second talk this afternoon… […]

29 Aug

NE Passage – Arctic Ocean heading south

Got woken up with the 7.30pm cry over the PA… Then had to get up and have breakfast as I had to deliver my global warming talk (something which fortunately requires next to no preparation for me!). Then after that, for some reason I was pretty tired so had a powerkip. I guess all of […]

28 Aug

NE Passage – North Pole (or the day I fell in love with the Arctic Ocean)

The day we were scheduled to approach the north pole began as any other. Viktor (Expedition Leader) woke us up over the PA system at 7.30am. I think I fell back asleep until 8.15am and then got up. It was ironic that the closer we got to the north pole, the hotter my cabin became on this […]

27 Aug

NE Passage – Breaking ice in the Arctic Ocean

Well, today was a very lazy day! I did not have any obligation and I’m afraid I spent the vast majority of it reading the book, “Bushwacked” so I could give it back to the passenger who leant it to me… Anyway, last night was yet another poor night’s sleep as I failed to get […]

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