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30 Sep

Baffling things about Russians: Chocolate

Ok – this isn’t so much about the Russian people as to the all important chcolate they make! For the most part, I’d say the Russians are into dark chocolate, so if you are a dark chocolate fan, then this is the place to be! Dark chocolate Mars Bars, Twix, Snickers etc. Extremely good moderate-high […]

30 Sep

Filling in the ignorance…

Well, you don’t have to look far to find some explanations for the Baffling things about Russians! 10 minutes on the web was enough to enlighten me and blast me out of my ignorance! The sex thing… Yes, as suspected, it would appear from some survey done by the Imperial College in London, and commisioned […]

29 Sep

Baffling things about Russians: clothing

Women under the age of 30: anything flattering; Women between 30 and 50: don’t exist, Women over 50: drab, Men under the age of 35: rap, Men over 35: camoflage… That pretty much sums up the clothing choice of Russians! To expand upon each of these categories… I often wondered about the “Russian mail order” […]

27 Sep

Enter: The ice age

Cripes! I know the rest of the world is fretting about global warming but it is anything but warm here just on the Arctic Circle! In the extremely short space of one week we have gone from mild weather to the deep freeze – everything that had water on it has turned to ice! Last […]

26 Sep

Baffling things about Russians: The art of mime

It’s one of the strangest things about Russians – they have no clue what on earth you are doing when you start trying to act out a scenario! I have briefly mentioned this before in another blog entry, but its worth highlighting as Russians, for the most part, are the worst actors and the worst […]

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