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18 Oct

Tropical adjustment

I realise 13C might be a tad bit nippy for most but I must confess, I am finding it a little tropical after a year in polar regions! I arrived in Sydney this morning (feeling not so bad thanks to 3 empty seats next to me on the plane…) and was awfully relieved to see […]

17 Oct

Tokyo touchdown

Ok – I have just touchdown in Tokyo, flying for the first time on JAL. And so for the first time (for me) I got to watch our arrival with the forward facing, real time camera on the big screen…. And it is WEIRD! I mean, you begin to appreciate what the pilots see a whole […]

12 Oct

What to blog about?

Cripes! Finally back in a civilised place like Vancouver and I am suddenly bereft of the foreign cultural input that I usually find fodder to write about! I mean, not even the sudden prominance of people of non-caucasian appearance particularly makes an impact as foreign faces because I am so used to being surrounded by […]

07 Oct

Bleeding heads and hunners in Magadan, Russia

My most endearing memory of this brief sojourn in Magadan will be listening to the American ‘hunners’ at Magadan airport… Usually hunners go to the Kamchatka Peninsula but these Cabello-clad dudes from the States were in the snow confines of Magadan. My first sight was not of them but a great big bleeding head wrapped in […]

06 Oct

Back in Bilibino

It could have been touch and go there but despite hazy conditions due to high clouds and a neverending gentle downfall of fine powder snow, I made it out of Kupol and flew to Bilibino. The helicopter trip from Kupol is the bit least guaranteed so to get to Bilibino is cause for celebration – […]

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