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29 Jan

Sunning it up downunder

Sydney’s ‘Central Coast.’ There are gobs of ‘coasts’ along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia so it all gets a bit confusing after a bit. But this one was close to Sydney so apart from no car, it was probably inexcuseable I had never visited the Central Coast when I lived here. However, making ammends now! […]

27 Jan

Last Sydney Australia Day???

Quite possibly, I have witnessed my last Australia Day in Sydney! It wasn’t intentional, but as I watched the fireworks in Darling Harbour, I realised things have changed so much in my life and those around me that quite possibly This Was It! Australia Day, for those who don’t know, is Australia’s national day, the […]

21 Jan

Taiwan: Toe tapping in Taipei

Travelling ‘Economy deluxe’ with Eva Air is sensational. The resultant 17 hour stopover in Taipei is not… It turned a potential 16 hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney into a 43 hour endless trip. Fortunately though, I arrived in Taipei at the ghastly hour of 5.30am to discover that because of the SARS scare last […]

10 Jan

PART III: How hard can it be to be a biologist?

And in the stunning conclusion to life as a German research biologist lacking funding and defending their turf from ignorant geologists… Him: I shall also be studying mosquito´s. Me: (genuinely mortified) Mosquito´s! There are mosquito’s in Antarctica???? Him: Why, yes! Me: But they could be carrying unheard of diseases! Him: I don’t know about that. […]

10 Jan

PART II: How hard can it be to be a biologist?

My conversation with the German Polar Scientist in Ushuaia didn’t stop with ‘pointing out’ how to get funding to continue for research for skuas from the NSF though… Me: If you are not studying skuas this time down in Anatarctica, what are you studying? Him: Environmental impact on the local animals. Me: Surely not the […]

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