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28 Feb

Tasmanian corporate chocolate coverup!

Well am I ever disappointed with the state of hot chocolate in Tasmania! The last time I came down, there were dominantly little coffee shop and little in the way of coffee cafe chains. Now it would appear the coffee chains have destroyed the Hot Chocolate cafe’s! As any hot chocolate lover/non-coffee drinker will know, […]

27 Feb

The Hobart Mix

To the fleeting visitor to Hobart, Tasmania, it is a strange city of contrasts! It is steeped in Antarctic and colonial history, a modern emerging business centre, a heartland for environmental movement and a great ‘coffee shop’ city. And over it all, towers ‘the mountain.’ Today, I began walk through Battery Point, a quaint little village on […]

23 Feb

Shearwater silhouettes

With the sun setting on my first day in Tasmania, I found myself being whisked away to a beach location half an hour away from Hobart to watch short-tailed shearwaters come in from their days feeding. It was getting gloomy when we arrived shortly before 8am, and a low cloud covered the sky. We walked […]

20 Feb

Doing yourself out of a good thing?!

It seems to be an aussie corporate tradition to charge as much as possible as early as possible in the delivery of any new product to the market to ensure, I presume, research and development costs are recovered as quickly as possible. Then, one imagines that in the event the market actually liked the product […]

18 Feb

A dull week…

It’s hot, humid and muggy. And I can’t believe I have been in Sydney now for 4 weeks – nearly 5! It feels like I have been here for at least 2 months! I nearly died the other day when I counted on the calendar and found it was only 4 weeks. I thought I […]

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