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14 Feb

Valentine’s day in the Harbour City

Being a fresh victim of the pre-Valentine’s day tradition of being dumped (why do guys like to dump girls just before Valentine’s Day? Is it because they are too cheap to fork out for a gift or a flower???), I found myself walking into Sydney to meet up with a whole group of women who […]

07 Feb

First Sydney dunking!

You may not realise this – probably don’t in fact – but I have never ever officially dunked my head beneath the halo’d waters of Sydney. That is until today… Yes, I know just the other week I went to a nothern beach which technically straddled the great Sydney-Newcastle divide (which gives one a lot […]

04 Feb

Sun, sand, surf and hot chocolate….

Yet another day in Sunny Sydney…. Decided today to do the Coogee-Bondi Beach walk. This is a lovely walk which I imagine most tourists miss, preferring to go to one beach or the other. However, there are several smaller nooks and coves along the way meaning if you want surf, there is excellent surf, if […]

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