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28 Apr

Rising homeless in Vancouver

As regular readers of this blog will know, I frequently pass though Vancouver, and one thing that is becoming increasingly prevelant is the spectre of begging homeless. Today this was confirmed with an article in the Vancouver Sun – which was kind of ironic because I was just beginning to think how invasive it was […]

25 Apr

The walking singularity

“Do you want to go on a hike up Mt Seymour?” An innocuous question. No suggestion of snow-shoeing. People had recevied refunds or discounts or next years skiing because of low snow levels around Vancouver this year. Sounded like it would be an ordinary hike in the mountains towering over the northern limits of Vancouver! […]

23 Apr

How hard can it be to distribute a free newspaper???

In Australia it was the war of the charity panhandlers, in Vancouver, its the war of the freebie newspapers. One is begging us to give money, the other is begging for us to take a newspaper. Surely the freebie newspaper would win, right??? So this is the new ground for panhandling in Vancouver as I […]

14 Apr

Panama: Sailing THROUGH a country: The Panama Canal

We had to be at Panama City long before our scheduled time to go through the Panama canal. Customs came aboard before lunch, but our pilot wasn’t scheduled to come on until 4pm. Fortunately, I was able to help the staff out with inventory’s etc which killed a lot of this dead time. Killing time […]

13 Apr

Panama: Drug runners or coconut smugglers?

I was doing a zodiac cruise around Isla Contadora in the Pearl Island Archipelago in Panama. We had been told that the former Shah of Iran had been exiled on this island our goal was to find his house… I inherited a couple who wanted to go around the island, so we set off looking […]

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