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31 May

Where did spring go?!

I realise most people reading this (like just about everybody) is either enjoying warm sunshine and early summer or light rain and early winter. No where is it terribly cold or terribly hot (except, presumably where it should be all year round!). And nearly everyone has to be further south than me! But I am […]

28 May

Idiot vs Idyot…

They say Russian is phonetic and if you can master their cyrillic alphabet, then you can read the language. But as I am discovering, picking up words piecemeal, that isn’t as easy as it sounds – literally! Take the classic Idiot vs idiot… Its really all a matter of emphasis than anything else. They don’t […]

28 May

Pre-spring trek in the peaks

The day was cold and blustery but when the invitation came for an evening hike, I jumped at it anyway. It is only weeks now before the mossie’s wake up and make hiking an unpleasant option for a couple of months… Our first goal was to hike behind the drill rigs, but we were unable […]

27 May

Spring has almost arrived in the Arctic…

In the last week, the snow has melted – nearly gone in all south facing slopes and looking much sparser on the north-facing slopes. And last night, as I walked back to camp, I observed that the (south-facing) slopes were looking decidely greener. So I paused on my meanderings and had a close inspection of […]

22 May

Evening hike to see the flowers

Wow!!! I’ve got possible hiking companions! Being in a remote part of Russia, I had been a little leery of strolling off to the surrounding hills and becoming bear fodder. But as I strolled back to the camp tonight from the office, I ran into a couple of guys who invited me to climb a […]

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