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30 Jun

Recalling the giddy days of the Neo-pagans

Back in 1868, a group of Cambridge students asked Mrs Stevenson of Orchard House in nearby Grantchester if they may have tea under the blossoming fruit trees out back rather than on the front lawn. A trend was begun. In 1909 a budding poet called Rupert Brooke moved to Cambridge and began a bohemian way […]

30 Jun

A stroll in the English Countryside

I may have a mixed reaction to living in my birthland, but I can’t deny that one of the nicest things Britain has to offer are strolls through the countryside. So with the weather looking a little uncertain, I set off to go to the nearby town of Grantchester, a 2 mile walk along the […]

28 Jun

British heat wave fashion faux pas…

The heat wave in the UK right now (well, the southern part) seems to bring out the worst fashion sense in people! I heard on TV this was being blamed on the fact it is so rarely warm here that people don’t know how to dress, unlike their cousins on the continent… Now, I may […]

23 Jun

Supping it near Windsor Castle

Well, this is about as close to Royalty as I have got since, oooh,¬†whenever I last wandered past Buckingham Palace! Not being much of a Royalist, this means little to me, but it does seem to mean something to the tourists! Since I am doing a short course instead, I am probably not getting much […]

22 Jun

Snapshots of London

…not 24 hours after staggering out of Earls Court underground station with my bags and trundling the streets of Kensington, a student it executed outside that station! How close did I come to witnessing that horror?! Welcome to the big city …a heatwave encases the city. Normally bleak, grey and cold, London is now turned […]

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