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31 Jul

Hurricanes increasing in ‘destructivity?’

My blood boils when I read articles like this one posted on the news feeds – this one about hurricanes increasing in destructivity as global warming kicks in… Does it not occur to anyone that it isn’t necessarily the size of strength of the hurricanes that are causing more destruction but the fact more and […]

30 Jul

Shades of Alaskan horrors – but improved!

Combining a bit of work with pleasure, I went for another evening hike. It makes for a long day after working for 11 hours, but when in such pretty country with only 3 months of no snow coverage (not to mention a fixed contract!) – well, one has to take the chance! So last night […]

27 Jul

Summer flowers in the Far East Russian taiga

Last year, I was above the Arctic circle in the Russian Far East and was quite impressed with the diversity of arctic flowers growing there. This year, I am 6 degrees further south and in taiga as opposed to tundra and the colour, diversity and sheer volume of flowers is ‘pleasantly’ overwhelming! At the start […]

26 Jul

Evening hike up Bulat Mountain Ridge, Far East Russia

The sun was threatening to break though the clouds. After endless days of dreary, overcast and rainy days, the peaks could be seen – no matter what, it was time for a hike! This remote valley, surrounded by barren peaks just begs to be conquered, although its tough when you only have about 4 hours […]

26 Jul

Bear trap sprung!

As previously mentioned, a small yet beautiful bear cub has been nosying around the office for the last week or two. The Russians, in their infinite wisdom, built a bear trap with a door which took 4 men to lift. Suffice to say, this poor 40kg bear didn’t quite have the strength to tug the […]

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