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26 Sep

Snow on Mt Wellington

I gather I just missed the snow in Hobart, Tasmania, but the mountain tops around still had a bit of the white stuff on them. So last night, as the broken clouds flew over Mt Wellington, the sentinal overlookin Hobart, I drove up to look at the snow. Now, since I am currently working in […]

06 Sep

Deer alert!

The Kootenay’s in SE British Columbia, in Canada have to be one of the most charming spots on Earth! I have been working with several people who live in this area, and they’ve all charmed the socks off me and convinced me, the nomad, I had better check it out… As previously mentioned, I am […]

05 Sep

The indecision of basing one’s self… where?

Let me tell you one thing about being able to be based just about anywhere – its hard to narrow down to a place on this planet where you should live! Although I like parts of Australia, it sometimes feels a ‘long way away’ and with the areas I wish to move into, increasingly more […]

03 Sep

Celeb alert: Ron Pearlman

Every time I go to Vancouver, I am made aware of how many celebs are there, either living or filming. So, I’ve always got my eyes peeled (well, not really). And finally I saw one… Not one of the more recognised A-list celebs though, but Ron Pearlman… Ironically, until he was being considered for the […]

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