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28 Oct

Letting the sun in on computers

The sun rises about 8.30-9am, the sun sets around 5.30-6pm. It is pitch black when I walk up to work and it is dusk when I leave. And in the office the blinds are firmly closed. Isn’t it bad enough that we are locked up inside a building 8-11 hours a day without having to […]

25 Oct

Forecast: Cool and snow!

The snow continues to fall in sub-Arctic Russia – about 6 inches of light, white, dry and fluffy powder last night. Would have made for excellent skiing – were I to have a pair of skis with me! Instead, I had the joy of ‘paddling’ through snow to work this morning, breaking a trail through […]

20 Oct

Working in the cold…

Temperatures continue to plummet up here in the taiga, and with it go the usual way things work! As the snow continues to gently fall, the daily temperature has now sunk to be almost consistently below 0C (although last week we had a rainy spell…) and gets down to about -20C in the evenings and […]

17 Oct

NEVER let professionalism get in the way of personal revenge

“Don’t look for logic where non exists…” “They will adopt it for 3 hours, 3 days or 3 weeks before reverting back to the old ways…” “Never let professionalism stand in the way of personal revenge…” “It hasn’t yet occured to them that communism has ended…” “They don’t go to work to make a living, […]

14 Oct

If it doesn’t inconvenience me…

For the last 5 days, the internet connection here in this remote part of Far East Russia has been dodgy to say the very least. It makes it difficult to do business or plan anything outside of thsi camp! Ya see, we are fed by satellite, and although there is nothing wrong with the satellite, […]

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