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24 Nov

Hobart and Roses

Reduced to a post-operative monk like shuffle, I very slowly taking in the northern Hobart suburb of New Town. And the one thing that just jumps out at me are the roses. Roses everywhere! It maybe late november here, but its probably only approaching the end of spring, so the flowers are still blooming and […]

15 Nov

Disappointment on the 747-400

There was a time when I LOVED getting on a Boeing 747-400 – here was a REAL plane! It was a huge plane and best of all, a powerful plane – G-forces kick in as it begins its slow ponderous roll down the runway, building as speed picks up and you are gently forced back […]

12 Nov

Tasmania and cricket…

Hobart is the largest city and capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Not something particularly of note to any Australian, but knowing I was coming here for quite a while, have been a bit surprised at people’s ignorance of where Tasmania is… I think the best example is the taxi driver who took […]

05 Nov

City-wide fireworks

The tailwind blew us to London from Moscow so fast we ended up circling in an ever tightening spiral for nearly an hour. It was only 6pm, but day light savings was no longer in place so it was quite dark. It was the final 30 minutes as, we began to bank over London city itself when a […]

05 Nov

Farewell to Russia

I mentally began composing this in Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, while waiting the half hour or so it took for the bags to appear. Despite being at times, very frustrated with Russia, I am going to miss working in this country. The people throng before me. A large portion of the men were (to my […]

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