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30 Dec

An orgy of shopping…

There is an air of desperation as I walk the streets of Edinburgh. I started my dawdle around the downtown at St James Centre where at least, I can say it doesn’t feel quite as frantic as Glasgow. But having descended down to the main shopping streets of Princes Street, Rose Street and George Street, […]

29 Dec

From hot to cold…

About 7 years ago, I came to Glasgow as part of a 2 week pilgrimage around Scotland. At the time, I was entranced with Glasgow as it struck me as one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the UK – it had restaurants in a defined area, not a case of ‘you just need to […]

21 Dec

Sydney unrest II

So Sydney survived the weekend with no violence – although at a tremondous price with enormous police presence, no people of middle-eastern appearance (or mediterranean for that matter) able to go to the beach and deserted beaches in case the thugs appeared anyway. And one couldn’t even go to the beach without joining extensive queue’s […]

15 Dec

Sydney’s unrest

They call it racial tension, but its really more like cultural tension and youthful hot headed stupidity. Riots erupted last weekend at a Sydney beach, conveniently, the only one with train access. The riots started supposedly in response to some Lebanese youths bashing up a couple of lifesavers on Cronulla beach – which is a […]

09 Dec

Christmas shopping waaaaaayyyy downunder

I have received a few emails from friends psyching themselves up to Christmas shop in major cities like London and New York and figure that being in Tasmania isn’t quite that bad a place to Christmas shop… Afterall, a city with a population under 200,000, an island with a population around 500,000 – how bad […]

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