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18 Jan

The jaded pigeons of Trafalgar Square

I think everyone has a snapshot image in their mind of either watching a little child run through the flocks of pigeons at Trafalgar Square in London as they fly up into the air, or conversely, be standing in the middle a flock of pigeons as they take off to the air. And of course […]

17 Jan

What’s up with British bus services?

I’m coming across a decidely odd phenomenon when travelling on British bueses – being kicked off mid route! Not because I have done anything wrong, but because the bus driver has finished his shift and just abruptly kicks everyone on the bus off! Can’t say I’ve come across this in any other country… After all, […]

12 Jan

Doggy ID chrisis

The sun came out for the first time this year (get that!!) today, so I went for a stroll around Hampstead Heath – along with every non-working man, woman, child and dog in London.  As I sauntered around, gradually getting increasingly buried in mud, I once again, had pause to reflect on how the cultural […]

11 Jan

Walking identity chrisis

“For F*cks sake! We drive on the right side of the road, we walk on the right side, we pass eachother on the left! What the f*ck are you? Someone who drives on the left?” Such were the angry words hurled at me by a particularly abusive (and I would say unCanadian) girl once when […]

03 Jan

A London (shopping) gem

Ever had one of those days where you set out to do a bunch of boring, mundane tasks and everything turns out better than expected? Thats what I had today!  Being the jaded traveller and all now, I was viewing the next 3 weeks where I have moved from the bleak shopping frenzy of Scotland […]

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