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26 Mar

Being jabbed!

The cold harsh reality of travelling to Tibet is one needs injections – ‘build up immunisation.” And much to my horror, I discovered my last bout of ‘jabs’ was in July 2006, which means most of my immunisation protection is running out… *sigh* Initially, I have to confess, I wondered at the necessity, quite forgetting […]

19 Mar

Vancouver: A city in short supply!

Its the oddest thing but I find that whenever I blitz into Vancouver, it seems to be in short supply of anything I need. Sometimes, I admit, my demands are at the high end of things, but other times, they can be very low end. Yet everything is seemingly several weeks away or unorderable. I […]

09 Mar

A display of birding magnificence!

I saw not one, or two, but SIX Wandering Albatross displaying and courting eachother today! I have been to Prion Island, the only island just off the coast of South Georgia which tourists are allowed to visit in restricted numbers, on a few occasions now, but usually these large birds are sitting on a nest […]

09 Mar

Angry fur seal!

This morning on South Georgia, I got to follow in the final footsteps of Ernest Shackleton from his epic trip from Antarctica and across the glaciers of South Georgia to the civilisation of the Stromness whaling station. It was momentous – except we were in fog for abotu 90% of the walk, with the clouds […]

08 Mar

A morning with royalty

Day 2 on South Georgia dawned somewhere in the vicinity of perfect – no wind, blue skies, bright sunshing, shining glaciers, towering mountains, honking penguins, snuffling fur seals… Our morning landing was at St Andrews Bay, a lovely big bay with an enormous King Penguin rookery – I think the biggest in South Georgia. I […]

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