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27 Apr

Auditioning for upcoming “Blade Runner” city…

Shigatse, a moderate sized town about 300km west of Lhasa in Tibet, is a town of contrasts. By day it is just a dusty town with abundant Tibetan character, but by night… This is one of probably many towns which will one day resemble something out of that classic Science Fiction film, Blade Runner! Since […]

25 Apr

Attending a restaurant opening in Tibet…

Yeah… The food was unrecognisable, the flavours distinctly hot and the entertainment… bizarre! We were invited to the opening of a new restaurant in Shigatse today. We were aware a new place (amongst the 1000s here) was opening yesterday because big colourful long yellow, red and orange ribbons with Chinese writing on them extended from […]

24 Apr

Buying a Tibetan rug – from a Tibetan

The day was nearing an end when my companion suddenly turned to our translator, and asked to be taken to his place to see his mother’s rugs. In Tibet, many people make wonderful, thick, luxuriant wool rugs and it would seem (for us) you don’t have to go far before finding someone whose mother makes […]

21 Apr

First flowers of the season!

And how could I not point out one of the highlights of my day? My first high altitude Tibetan flower?! Sure, some of the trees near the Tsangpo River are blossuming right now, but they are trees, i.e. big, and I haven’t got near them as they seem to usually be tucked away in someone’s […]

21 Apr

Planting time begins

Today as I drove (or rather, was driven) along the Tsangpo River, the Tibetans had many of their yak/cow hybrids standing out in the beige-yellow terraced fields, ploughing and planting. As you may have gathered from past entries, it is extrememly dry right now in Tibet but the rainy season is less than a month […]

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