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31 May

Reflections on loosing my passports

Loosing my passports is not something I ever wanted to happen! I had considered myself very lucky over the years to have never had my passports lost or stolen, but when you travel as much as me, I guess there comes a point where the law of averages catches up with you! In this regard, […]

30 May

Reclaiming my UK identity (Part I)

Now I was back in the UK, I had to move fast to get A passport so I could return to my job in China! Having reported my lost Australian passport, it was time to deal with the UK passport… The very first thing I did was go online and order my UK birth certificate […]

30 May

Reclaiming my Australian identity (Part I)

Loosing your passport is not something you want to do if travelling – or need your passport in a hurry… I need a passport in a hurry because I am supposed to return to Tibet to work in 2 weeks. But since my current Tibetan visa is linked to the Chinese visa in my now […]

29 May

Part III: Escape from Spain with no passport

“Lets go back to the hotel. Sorry I’ve ruined your last morning in Seville,” I said, beginning to babble to my sister. Certainly standing in the sandy construction zone formerly knows as the Alameda de Hercules wasn’t going to answer questions about whether or not I could fly to the UK today with no passport! […]

29 May

Part II: Reporting lost passports in Seville, Spain

My sister and I sped up the long grey ramp (steps would have been nice) into the El comisario de Policía at the western end of the La Alameda de Hercules in Seville. Now begins Step II in admitting to a lost/stolen passport. The El comisario de Policía has a big glass cubicle with about […]

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