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26 Jun

Yak with tassle ear rings

A yak appeared at the edge of the ridge. It gazed at me half benignly, half malevolently before moving along the dirt road. Then another came, gave me the same look, but now I had spied the red and white tassles hanging off just below its ears… My camera came up! Today I was about […]

20 Jun

WAGs and women’s lost self-respect

There is a very real and very odd and in reality, quite depressing phenomenon going on in the UK, and I gather it has spread to Australia. Young girls dressing up in provocative outfits and hurling themselves repeatedly and incessantly at sports athletes, in particular football athletes. Their goal: to have sex with any of […]

16 Jun

A sprint through Kew Gardens

To try and do Kew Gardens in 2.5 hours is a mistake – or so I discovered today… I wanted to do it in more time, but things occupied me for the morning, and I wasn’t aware that it was practically at the end of the District line, so I ended up getting there about […]

15 Jun

Health warning: Nomadic travel causes binging!

With my days in the more or less civilised city of London getting increasingly numbered and a departure back to the wilds of Tibet imminent, I find my self bingeing more. Its odd really – most people binge (especially with regards to shopping and eating) when they go on holiday – to the exotic locations. […]

13 Jun

Reclaiming my lost UK identity (Part V): Reunited and it feels so good!

It came! I have it! Its here! After endless delays, I have my UK passport! Not the 48 page one I asked for but the 30 page version, but ach! Details! I HAVE MY FULL UK PASSPORT!!!! Ye hah! I can travel again! And as I have been discovering over the last few weeks, quite […]

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