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12 Jun

Don’t open an account with HSBC – UK…

Ok, I freely admit my situation at present is a little unique, but I have to say, of all the bad treatment I have received from banks over the last 10 years, HSBC in the UK takes the cake. Now don’t get me all wrong. There is a nice side to the bank – their […]

08 Jun

Reclaiming my UK identity (Part IV): Submittal accepted; Passport: still awaiting…

Application… check! Signed… check! Countersignature… check! Signed photograph… check! Lost/Passport form (LS01) completed… check! Scattered fragments proving ID… check! Spare photographs… check! Good nights sleep… escaped (if you EVER want to advertise you’ve gone on holiday, just make sure you have a faulty care alarm installed which goes off every 10 seconds as the car […]

07 Jun

Ready to be on the road again!

I have a Chinese visa!!! Ye-hah! I can (almost) travel again! Of course the darn thing expires in September and I have now had to cancel a planned trek in the Japanese Alps because I can’t bear the thought of twiddling my thumbs in Tokoyo trying to get a Chinese visa there (English-only speaker in […]

06 Jun

Chinese visa application

Working in China means you have to apply for a visa. My grand plan when I first came to the UK was to have a letter of invitation from my company inviting me to do my consulting work in China over a period of 1 year, thus allowing me to procure a 1 year multiple […]

06 Jun

Reclaiming my UK identity (Part III): My luck continues to fail me

It’s Monday. I am on the bus going into town to pick up my newly minted and signed photo’s and application for my UK passport when I receive a phone call from my sister. A phone call, not a texted message. This is serious… Almost hesitantly, I answer the phone. My luck from the moment […]

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