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22 Jul

Attempt to see Tibetan dancing

By the time we descended from Gyangtse Dzong we were starting to get a little tired from the never ending heat blazing down through the rarefied atmosphere of Tibet. However at lunchtime we had learned that there was to be some Tibetan dancing at 4pm in the arena we had left earlier. It was now […]

22 Jul

Threading through Gynagtse Dzong, Tibet

With no horse races to go to in the afternoon the only real thing left to do in Gyangtse was to explore Gyangtse Dzong, the fort which provided an impressive backdrop to the morning races, perched on a hill visible from all of Gyangtse. The original Gyangtse Dzong dates from the mid 14th Century and […]

22 Jul

Horse races at Gyangtse, Tibet

For one week in the middle of the sleepy summer in Tibet, many colourfully clad Tibetans descend upon Gyangtse, an historic town about 260km west of Lhasa for a Horse Racing Festival. Like all festivals I have encountered in Tibet so far, this one was advertised as being earlier in the year, so I thought […]

21 Jul

Yak butter tea and Tibetan rugs

I am feeling faintly nauseous as I write this… Today I went Tibetan rug hunting again and ended up in a Tibetan co-worker’s place checking out her sister’s rugs. Tibetans being ever polite offered me some yak butter tea – and having been turned off by many graphic descriptions in books on Tibet I had […]

11 Jul

Gigantic thangka at Tashilunpo Monastary

Towering above the golden rooftops of the Tashilunpo Monastary in Shigatse, Tibet is a ridiculously thin white building, perched high enough on the mountain side to be visible from almost anywhere in this town. Around 8.30am, as I exited my hotel room, I noticed a group of Tibetans standing on the rooftop of their two […]

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