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26 Aug

Visiting Mao

With my plane not scheduled to depart from Beijing until 4pm, my last morning in this great city was to be spent visiting Tiananmen Square (which I had been assured with big and dull) and The Forbidden City (which I had been told was being fixed up for the 2008 Olympics so was largely wrapped […]

25 Aug

Groping my way along the Great Wall of China

The last time I had glimpsed the Great Wall of China, it was from about 15,000ft as we swooped and swirled our way through the murky April smog into Beijing. Today, towards the end of August, it seemed no better. Again, I asked myself, how do they possibly expect to clear up the pollution around […]

23 Aug

What to choose: Potala Palace or War memorial?!

It was defintely a sad sight that filled my eyes when I dragged my companion off to see if the Potala Palace in Lhasa was lit up at night. Admitedly, this is the official home of the Dali Lama and should be revered, but I though it would be nice if it was lit up. […]

23 Aug

Carnage on the green and yellow road to Lhasa

My final exit from Shigatse began somewhat ominously -the first Tibetan village we drove through had a big commotion at the east end of it – a road accident. Of course, anyone in the vicinity of China (including Tibet) appears to have no road sense with the onus clearly being on the driver to stop […]

19 Aug

The empty city

Driving south out Shigatse in central Tibet is a weird experience – you drive through an empty city surrounding the core city! Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet, is the home of the Panchen Lama and as such has a beauitful gold-roofed monastery perched low on a hill on the western edge of town. […]

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