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29 Sep

Don’t wait with that soft tissue damage – see the physio!

Ok, it’s been over 2 weeks since I badly sprained my ankle, and I am sure many would say I deserve to be walking again, but I still can’t believe how close a call it would have been if I HADN’T seen a physio! Even now, 2.5 weeks after badly spraining my ankle, one of […]

25 Sep

A 4D view of 3D-looking 2D chalk drawings in Sydney

Chalk drawings have come a long way from the scratchings on a blackboard by my teachers when I was young! The “Chalk the Walk” festival in Sydney over the weekend highlighted that very clearly! I didn’t manage to get down until Sunday, the third day of the Festival where most artists after 2 days were […]

22 Sep

A physio miracle!

Remember yesterday I went to bed needing my crutches for the first time in several days??? Well today its like night and day! I don’t know what sonic heat pads and ultrasound does to tissue, but by golly its working a miracle on my sprained ankle! I had woken up this morning, lying in bed […]

21 Sep

Limping on the road to recovery – and making new medical discoveries on the way!

There’s a reason sports athlete’s seem to be superhuman and recover quicker from sprains and injuries – and it goes beyond pain killers! I was gradually getting movement back in my ankle although as the swelling goes down, it was getting more painful. But someone recommended around day 10 of this tedious recovery that I […]

16 Sep

Walking the streets hobbled

Over the last couple of days I have begun to start hobbling around Sydney again – I can’t stand being chained up inside for so long! May not have been the best decision, but I feel better for it… My first trip was down to a nearby arcade about 200m away from where I am […]

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