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26 Oct

A little tip if in Sydney town…

If you are walking along the shores of Darling Harbour or strolling along King’s Wharf in Sydney, then you’ll have a pretty good view of the Westpac building (recogniseable because of the familiar-to-Australians big red stylised “W” on the top of the building), towards the Sydney Harbour end of things. And on the very top […]

18 Oct

So this is why people protest world trade meetings – a call for more ethics!

I have to confess, ordinarily, I’m a pretty passive person but today in two magazines, I came across two separate articles which made me want to weep and yet at the same time, DO SOMETHING! They were so absolutely horrifying, I just want to run down the streets begging people to jump up and take […]

14 Oct

Grammer by letter?!

By no means am I spelling/grammer nut who gets exasperated by the abuse the English language takes. Certainly, lots of people seem to be mutating the English language now with texting/SMSing and messaging, but the other form of abuse the English can take is by people who do NOT  speak English as a first language […]

01 Oct

Where are the Italian neighbourhoods going?

I spent some of my formative years in Fremantle, a small coastal city near Perth in Western Australia. The nice thing about growing up in Fremantle – apart from its proximity to the coast – was the burgeoning Italian community that existed. Probably a goodly third of my year was populated by men and women […]

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