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30 Nov

Tanzanian distances

Driving through Tanzania is bit of an experience. The government for some reason felt that businesses should set up first, then they’d build the infrastructure to the towns and cities that sprung up. Well, as evidenced previously with all the villages being built along roads, so have the cities sprung up around pre-existing roads. So […]

27 Nov

Cattle egrets at sunset

“Stop the car!” I cried. Our driver drove on oblivious. I began flapping my hand and telling him to stop. He suddenly saw what I had just seen and flapped his hand at the same thing as he sped by. “Stop!” I cried again. My companion said stop in Swahili and puzzled, the driver stopped. […]

27 Nov

Just how helpful are Tanzanian countryfolk?

After driving for 2 hours through the endless life that throbs along the roads of Tanzania, we came to a point just north of a town called Bunda, where we had to turn off and find some remote area. What maybe a clearly marked track of building on a topographic map here may actually be […]

27 Nov

Roadside life, Tanzanian style

My first full day in Tanzania was a drive through the countryside (with a bit of work thrown in…). It was fascinating to see Tanzanian life for the first time. Our route took us eastwards along a road that skirts Lake Victoria. Clearly this road was a magnet for commerce and for the entire route, […]

26 Nov

Lush welcome to Tanzania

Well,, Kilimanjaro-spotting was a bust – rain! It is the wet season (or “the little wet”) as they call it in Tanzania right now, and my flight from Nairobi was one which involved snaking through clouds in the twin prop jet I was in. From Kilimanjaro,  some great big African lady sat next to me […]

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