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29 Dec

China moves east and India moves west….

It’s an odd thing about actually living and working on this side of the world, because despite the many warning signs, it has becoming blazingly obvious that India has made more of an impact on the part of the world west of itself, and China has made more impact moving east. Now, I don’t mean […]

20 Dec

Foibles of the English language

I ranted yesterday about the indecision one can have picking a second language to learn when your primary language is the default second language for the rest of the world. But one thing about dabbling (poorly) in learning to communicate in other languages gives me, if nothing else, an absolute appreciation for how confusing English […]

19 Dec

Learning and the language barrier

Over this past weekend, there was a mild uproar in the UK with the revelation that learning a second language not being compulsory in second schools anymore meant less students opting to learn a second language voluntarily. No surprise there! Having been educated in a country (Australia) where the decision to learn a second language […]

12 Dec

Jingling out of Africa

All good things must come to an end and businesses were packing up for Christmas and I had run out of things to do so was flying back to London to start looking for somewhere to live. But first I had to get out of Africa. This entailed a 2 hour wait at Mwanza Airport […]

12 Dec

Transiting through Nairobi – Panic!

“Excuse me, did I hear you say there was a way to get your bags and check them through?” I asked anxiously of some Jane Goodall-lookalike lady I had confidently overheard telling some meek English girl how to get her bags in Nairobi while we were waiting for the flight in Mwanza. She looked at […]

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