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23 Jan

It snowed! It snowed!

It snowed! I’m in London when it snowed! Don’t ask me why this is somewhat excitig – it just is! It just seems weird that for the amount of times I have been in London, I have never experienced snow here – until now. Its… reassuring in a way that yes, I am in a […]

18 Jan

The PC Nanny state

I am enjoying the ‘energy’ of London – there is no where in the world that can possibly contain more non-English speaking people in an English-speaking country. I’m not saying they don’t speak English, just that they are from all over the world so walking the streets, you hear many languages. This all gives London […]

06 Jan

Why would you drive in London?!

Way back when, I drove a 4WD in the city. it wasn’t my 4WD – part of the ‘package’ at the time (and no glammed up visions here – we are talking a purely functional offroad 4WD!). Sexy to others, but a pain in the butt to me! It was about this time I concluded […]

02 Jan

The cynics view of the British Christmas Sales

Last year I became somewhat morbidly fascinated by the shear desperation of the average British shopper before and after christmas. This year it seems if anything worse, and yet the consumer has indicated they are getting savvy – which in my cynical opinion means the shops are going to pay us back for that with […]

01 Jan

Exploding from the ground up!

The air rippled under the onslaught of sonic booms! Whistling died as the wind tore it apart! A continuous, ominous bass rumble thundered over the rooftops! Light exploded along the southern horizon – sparks flew, light rained down, colour sparkled! Spotlights swept across the sky, highlighting shredded cloud scurrying across the grey-orange sky! Sirens provided […]

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