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27 Feb

The Big Melt in southern Norway

It finally stopped snowing! I awoke to a beautiful clear blue sky without a cloud in sight! The houses all sparkled peacefully and brightly in the pastel yellow and purple light of the rising sun. Wow! I was beginning to get used to the endless snowfall and weird landscape which continues to disorientate me… Driving […]

26 Feb

Arendal, Norway – the strange mix of a growing town

With my duties done by late afternoon, I was keen to get out and see Arendal in what was left of the daylight for a change. Without any guidebook on Norway, I know pretty much nothing (not the best way to travel…) and apart from getting a sense this must be a nice town in […]

25 Feb

Photographing in the Big Snow

The Big Snow is supposed to start easing off tomorrow… The city will come alive with municipal workers clearing the streets – I have to get down there and capture this once in a 50 year dumping of snow before it gets cleared up or begins to melt! I was not able to get out […]

25 Feb

Snowshoeing in the Big Snow

Did I say we could drive to our place in Arendal just a couple of days ago??? It hasn’t stopped snowing since and now our narrow little pedestrian/residents street is lost under a meter of snow. Every now and then a small snow blower comes along and excavates about the top 50cm of snow, and […]

24 Feb

A stroll in a snowstorm

I had to get out – snow or not! So late at night I pulled on my boots, put on my down jacket and went outside. The first thing I did upon stepping onto the narrow lane outside was slip on the ice. Ah yes… It may have been a year since I was last […]

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