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29 Apr

Midday over North America – from Sweden…

Ah… Who can resist taking a picture of the northern sky at night with such a stunning foreground? And even more betwitchingly, as mentioned in my previous blog entry – this light is the dregs of daylight from Alaska – way over the other side of the north pole… T look south from my location, […]

29 Apr

Watching for aurora under a midnight sun

Ok… If you thought about the title of this blog for a moment, it might occur to you that hang on… how are you going to see aurora if the sun is shining????Yep, you don’t! Last night finally announced that after weeks and weeks of next to no sunpost activity or violent solar activity, […]

25 Apr

Land of the rising sun…

Oh dear… An odd thing has happened in the last year or two – I’ve become slightly attuned to the rising sun… I shall blame this directly on my job which no matter how I position it, requires me to get up early, even if by nature, I am not an early riser. However, now […]

21 Apr

Entering winter for the THIRD time this year!

Ok, maybe being in Britain this year didn’t really count for experiencing winter as it never got really cold – although I did do a week in Vancouver while I was ‘in’ the UK which was wintery cold. But then I went to Norway and arrived in the middle of one of those ‘once every […]

11 Apr

A last word on Belgian Chocolate and American hotels…

I was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Belgium (just the nature of the deal I got and the laziness with which I bought my quick 3 day breakā€¦). Very bravely, they had given me a small gratuitous tube of Godiva chocolate as a welcome thing and put Godiva chocolate on my bed at night. […]

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