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29 Jun

Gender reassignment entering Russia

I didn’t know it but my first sign of trouble was when I handed over my ticket and passport to the lady at the Aeroflot transit desk. Up until that moment, I was wondering if I had done anything wrong as I had 3 hours and 45 minutes to my connecting domestic flight at Sheremytevo […]

26 Jun

Fleet Street: Famous for…???

I had to get a watch battery replaced today. And somehow… that led to me trying to find Fleet Street. Ya see, stick to the main streets of London, and its really hard to find a place which replaces watch batteries. So after 2 hours, I was rather grateful to find a jewellry store advertising […]

20 Jun

The Stealth…

A few months ago I saw an old documentary on rollercoasters being developed in the US. One in particular appealed to me – it involved going straight up…. cresting a tight loop… then going face first back down again! At the end of the documentary, I found it had been made in 2000 – plenty […]

17 Jun

The new rules of sailing…

The sky must be blue The weather must be warm The water must be warm (and preferably clear) There must be a clear destination(s) There must be coral reefs en route to investigate by snorkeling and diving Such were the rules I formulated as I watched the murky grey water splash under my feet on […]

10 Jun

Concert outing

For most people, attending a concert is probably a treat, but for me, its an absolute rarity! My constant travels during the middle of the year for work purposes usually keeps me away from the ‘Big Acts’ when they play, which is usually the middle months of the year… And I had yet to even […]

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