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26 Jul

The seething landscape around

Geologists have a weird way of looking at landscapes – and a weird way of experiencing time. True, we live in the real world as well with not enough minutes in the day when we are busy to the 24 hour minute when we are bored. But we also live in a world where millions […]

26 Jul

The day it began…

Mark my words, today is the day the tundra began to change colour… I’m not talking anything major here. Admittedly, there has always been the odd blueberry shrub which seems to go prematurely pinkish. But today, there were suddenly patches of not just one blueberry bush, but other scrubby things and grass also turning various […]

24 Jul

Where to nest…

In my line of work (at present) I go up hills and down hills all day long. And I am not the fittest person by a long way! So the easiest way for me to accomplish this up and down business is to ‘contour’ the hill, which means try and stay at the same elevation […]

23 Jul

A bear two many!

In previous years, the reports of bears in this area are low, never more than 2. Well… I think I have exceeded my bear quota for this year! I have moved to a new area to traipse round tapping rocks, and my new bodyguard is a much keener Chukchee Indian who at some time inherited […]

20 Jul

An unheard of sound…

I heard something last night which according to my Geography text book,  am not supposed to hear where I am – I heard thunder! I remember a few years ago being asked on one rain sodden, overcast day, if there is ever thunder in Antarctica. I raced to my trusty book, and looked it up. […]

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