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31 Aug

First stars, first frost…

Ok. I admit right at the onset here I was optimistic we’d have our first frost last night – but the conditions were right! Clear skies, cloud free, cool air, hopefully just enough dampness to create moisture and dew to rest on the tundra plants.. Just need the temperature to drop to below freezing. But […]

24 Aug

Follow up to obtaining fantastic wildlife encounters

There’s no doubt about it in my books – the camera would have to be the biggest wildlife deterrent there is! For the last few days, I have been journeying in and around the local ‘hills’ on our glorified all terrain golf buggies, a journey which takes about 2 hours. And through a certain set […]

23 Aug

The howl of a wolf…

I was trudging my way up the slope when I suddenly spied two beige shadows (if you will) loping across the hillside ahead of me. Hello, I thought to myself, they don’t look like reindeer – and they looked to big to be foxes – must be wolves??? I clamboured back up to my bodyguard […]

17 Aug

A good time to be outside in the arctic…

Finally the sun sets long enough for it get cool at night (to think a mere 6 weeks ago, the sun set for only 9 minutes, and now its setting for over 6 hours!) which has precipitated all sorts of changes in the tundra.Firstly, the most joyous one is the demise of the mosquito’s… There […]

15 Aug

How to get amazing wildlife encounters

There’s really only one tip for having an amazing encounter with wildlife of any description: Don’t have your camera on you! Pretty simply rule really. During my last stint in Russia, I had an amazing encounter with a ‘small’ herd of reindeer/caribou and also a close call with a bear. Both times, I did not […]

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