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27 Sep

A hushed encounter with a defeated bull elk

Last night as we retreated to our cabin on the outskirts of Jasper after a lovely meal, we detoured along a road to see if we could find the elk herd in the last evening blue gloaming. To our surprise, we’d come across a cluster of cars near a shallow bank and at the top […]

27 Sep

Of mountain goats and mountain sheep

It was terribly cheesy, but these were the best shots I was destined to get this trip… We were driving south back along the Icefield Parkway from Jasper, and as we neared the Columbia glacier, there was a pullout for capturing photographs of the distant glacier – except there was a large cluster of people […]

25 Sep

Pika spotting

September is the time for watching the elk mate, but during the day, they aren’t exactly the most active of animals, with most of the bugling and activity going on from dusk to dawn. That leaves most of the day to wonder around checking out the sites of where you may be – Jasper in […]

24 Sep

Driving along the Icefields Parkway, Canada

I think I have discovered one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Prior to this, I thought the drive through Northern Ontario in Canada on the Transcanada during Spring was marvelous sheer lifelessness – and odd sculptures. But now I am going to add the Icefields Parkway through Jasper and Banff National Parks […]

22 Sep

Finally, Mother Russia lets me go

It had been a long hard haul. 4 days delay in a remote bush camp.  A tense couple of flights to Magadan. The sinking despair of changing plans en route to Moscow. A close call with death in Moscow. But now it was 4.30am and I was with a tired bunch of people waiting for […]

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