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28 Dec

Borough markets – post Christmas…

The Borough markets of London… Made famous countless times over but for me, most recently in the first Bridget Jones movie. And yet… despite living here for a year, I’d never been there! I wasn’t sure how it would stack up just after Christmas, but I was relieved it was open between Christmas and New […]

26 Dec

Officially an “immigrant”

I have to laugh… Today I got my “immigrant” visa in my passport and I just find it amusing to be branded an ‘immigrant.’ To me, it rather generically (and unfairly) calls to mind images of, er, well, people from non-English speaking parts of the world I guess… And now I am (rather gleefully) tarred […]

23 Dec

Walking in the fog to see deer

It must be almost a uniquely British thing to walk in the fog. When I travelled to Scotland back in the days before I kept a blog, I hiked up the tallest peak of Eastern Scotland (name now lost in the mists of my mind) in pea soup fog and hit what I thought was […]

18 Dec

Is there a connection between trains and reading?

Today I got on the London Underground today just shortly after peak hour was over (but not before cheaper rates began!). As it was, the train was still fairly full with all seats occupied and some people standing. I snapped open my free copy of the Metro and began to read, but not before I […]

05 Dec

Back from the ‘middle of nowhere’ – Salmo BC, Canada

When I told people I was going to be working briefly in Salmo, British Columbia, most responded with, “Where the hell is that?” South Central BC, I would reply. Actually, compared to some of the places I’d been to in the last few years, I thought I was heading to the heart of civilisation! I […]

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