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28 Feb

Is it me or is the mail in Canada exceptionally slow?

I’m trying to be patient here, but I feel my stress levels rise as I wondering if things have been shipped and if I will get them in Canada… At first I thought it might be something to do with the fact I am on a little island off the coast of Canada and it […]

27 Feb

Set to go!

Hello and welcome to the new web address for Travelblips! I have migrated all the entries across from the old site at and hope you will continue to follow my voyages around the world with me at this new web address! So update your bookmarks, subscribe to a ‘feed’ (yes, all new to me […]

25 Feb

Precious chocolate!

Cripes, as I have hinted in previous blogs today, I have been on a quest to find Sahne Nuss chocolate with Almadres (ie chocolate with Almonds). This Chilean chocolate (albeit, now owned by Nestle) is truly a little charmer hidden in this South American country – its not found anywhere else in South America and […]

20 Feb

A red lunar eclipse

Last night it didn’t snow until after midnight. The amazing thing about that was it meant the skies were cloud free between 11pm and 12.30pm, the time the total lunar eclipse occurred over the northern hemisphere night sky. Now being into SF, you’d think I’d have been right on top of this, but truth be […]

20 Feb

Friendly or merely helpful?

Rebuilding your life over and over again in new locations gives one a unique insight into the friendliness and hospitality of the local people. As mentioned previously, how easy it is to stumble into a social network can depend on where you move to and why you moved. Recently, I moved to Newfoundland and find […]

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