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31 Mar

Anxiously awaiting spring

Eastern Canada technically entered spring nearly 2 weeks ago, but still the snow fall. Yet movies set on the wild coast here makes me thirst for my first spring here. It seems like every year I am anxiously waiting for spring to make an appearance and it doesn’t help that I am presently in an […]

24 Mar

If you absolutely have to move… don’t rely on U-haul

I freely admit, this blog entry will make the most sense to North Americans and hopefully other places in the world don’t have the same kind of service. But I learnt how fantabulously unreliable and messed up U-haul, a self-moving truck service is this last weekend! I always knew my Easter dash to the west […]

19 Mar

Flying south into winter

Ayyyyyy… You’d think I was heading to the polar region to be flying into what I flew into today. From sunshine and fluffy mounds of snow to pea soup fog and gargantuan dirty snow banks… But I was actually flying from the polar regions, south to the Canadian maritimes. And while the polar regions of […]

19 Mar

Back on a snow harley

I admit it… I am (to use that American phrase) conflicted over snowmobiles (or skidoos as they seem to call them in this part of the world). I haven’t been on a snowmobile for a while, but rather enjoyed the experience the last time I was. Today I was back on one… The reason I […]

18 Mar

Arthur C. Clark, dead at 90

Alas… The last of the great Science Fiction authors is dead. I know this is a travel blog but Arthur C. Clark and his fictional (and some of his non-fictional work) played a great part in influencing my life and I, for one, am deeply saddened by his departure from our world. I recently just […]

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