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25 Apr

Is China turning a corner with regards to Tibet?

Well, its good to see there are ‘verified’ rumours that the Chinese have approached an envoy to the Dahli Lama with regards to opening talks… I imagine its the protests that have plagued the meandering route of the Olympic Torch that have had more effect than anything. Those protests have a 2-pronged effect: The Chinese […]

21 Apr

No more sea ice – but icebergs?

Last week I joined many 100s (1000s?) of local people trooping up Signal Hill near St John’s to look at the sea ice close to the coast. Today, there was no sea ice to be seen, just open blue ocean, the Coast Guard steaming steadily for the eastern horizon and 2 fishing vessels. As far […]

15 Apr

What on earth has got into the Chinese government?

A few weeks ago when unrest surged in Tibet, I wrote a piece about China and Tibet from an insider’s perspective. At the time, I mentioned that when I was there, the Chinese seemed to be aware of international pressure and an uneasy truce sort of existed between China and Tibet. Since I wrote my […]

14 Apr

Sea ice from Signal Hill, St John’s

Not unsurprisingly, I wasn’t the only one to know the sea ice was not only closer to the St John’s shore, but visible as well. So when I trekked up to Signal Hill to get as close to the ocean as possible (short of going to Cape Spear and getting as far east as possible…), […]

12 Apr

Seaing ice off the coast

Wow! I was driving back from eastern St John’s area today where I had an unfettered view of the ocean to the east, past Signal Hill. So? You may ask. Well, as I gazed at the horizon I noticed there was a white band right where the sea meets the sky. Gradually it filtered into […]

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