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19 May

Icebergs, waterfalls and blowholes

It’s billed as the Hike Spectacular! The one that has to be done from St John’s! It’s an extraordinary hike along the Newfoundland rugged coastline! And at the very middle of the hike, is The Spout, a freak of nature, fresshwater being blasted up into the sky as a result of sea water rushing into […]

17 May

Men dress to contrast Hollywood ideal

In sunny St John’s today (I know – local readers would laugh at that – but it really is sunny today after a week of pea soup fog which rendered anything beyond 100m invisible!), there is a sight I usually associate with the UK: men standing around in shorts and no t-shirt, weilding a beer […]

12 May

Dressing for the cold – or not!

It is a rather peculiar thing, but the further north you go in the world, the less people seem to wear in the cities. For me, stinging rain, sleet, a wind chill factor below zero degrees celcius (-32F) all rather suggest I dress warmly. But as I’ve roamed the streets of such northern cities as […]

05 May

Bay of bergs

I knew there was an iceberg grounded in Qidi Vidi village, “North America’s oldest fishing village” a few kilometers north of St John’s, but I didn’t realise there were lots of grounded icebergs around St John’s! With the rain of the last week finally gone, and blue skies trying to get through some sort of […]

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