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27 Jan

An odd Canadian tradition…

Well, I guess countries all have off traditions, but I accidently learnt of a very odd one in Canada yesterday – apparently its tradition for the Finance Minister to (publically) buy a new pair of shoes before presenting a budget to parliament…. OK. That defintely ranks up there as one of the quirkiest traditions I’ve […]

04 Jan

One year in Canada

Ok…. Not quite where I had hoped to be one year into living in Canada. It took me 17 years to get here… and I’m still not quite where I want to be in Canada, nor do I find myself developing a life. In fact… it feels a lot like my time in Sydney a […]

01 Jan

And another year ticks over

What is your hope for 2009? Mine is change… 2008 began with so much hope for me, and in the end, I stagnated for the year. Sure, sure, I ‘confirmed’ a few things, but I don’t feel like I progressed at all. I’m getting tired of stagnating – what about you? So I began New […]

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